VAR using in football game

There were only the physical eyes of the referees who were the judges in a football match. With the evolution of technology, engineer develop a sophisticated system making arbitration decisions more precise. VAR is meant to see beyond human vision. Why VAR and what is its contribution to this game? Follow those lines for more explanations.

what is VAR and why using VAR?

Etymological, VAR means, Video Assistant Referee. Scientist was thinking about VAR system because of many errors during the arbitration of foot games. Specifically in high-level competition such as Champions League. This help the principal referee to take a clear decision when he is in some doubt. But it should be noted that video assistance plays in no case the main role in the arbitration.
The last decision always goes to the central referee. There are four principal decisions that needs sometimes VAR intervention: goal, rend cards, penalties (allowed or not), and to verify identity of sanctioned players. Those intervention needs central referee agreement. For illustration, when referee asking for assistance video, he goes and check by his own the circumstances before taking final decision. But some kind of people do not agree VAR using in football game. According to their says, they think that this denatured the game. They think that football game is not only a game of performance, but also luck. So some mistakes can be neglected and make the sensation more intensive. Are assistance video benefits for football?

VAR contribution in football game

In fact that all the criticism makes around using of video assistance, this technology comes as a saviour in this game. We still remember in this game many illicit goal who were scored and disqualified the normal deserves of victory. Not due to the referee, but due to the circumstances. This technology comes and makes each team at the same level. No more opportunities for any mistakes, performed team should win.

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