Physical activity and health

People's greatest wealth is his health. As all wealth, health has to be caring, and maintain. But the natural nonchalance of people make that they don't give any care to this until they are sick. Scientifically, practice of physical activity regularly maintain health at this best fort in fact of the age. How this is possible?

Health, what we have to know

The word health must not be limited to any illness. People who are in lack of mental well-being, or social Health is sick. So, Health is leading to physical, mental and social well-being. Most of people, except hereditary disease, are born with a good health. Maintain this depends on behaviours, alimentation, environment...
The maintaining of good health start by a good hygiene habits. Good hygiene take people far from microbes and parasites which can infect them. Most of the illnesses we get are extrinsic in origin. The lack of personal hygiene contributes to the appearance of skin diseases or tooth cavity for the bad hygiene of the mouth. Poor hygiene in one's home contributes to the appearance of flies and mosquitoes responsible for diseases such as malaria. To add, bad eating habits contribute to obesity (for people who eat too fat ), lungs or respiratory problems for the smoker, liver cancer for the alcohol drinkers... Having a good habit, eat safe food, practice of physical activities, and regularly checking of his health are the way to keep away from disease.

why physical activity?

Sport is very beneficial to the health of all human beings. It helps maintain posture and prevents mobility diseases of old age. Also, good physical activity eliminates most of the toxins from the body through sweat. It also maintains good heart activity and good blood circulation. When we talk about physical activity, it's not something very strong. Walking and running twice at a week on some kilometers is too enough. Let us practice sport for good health.