Unemployment in the world

Since a very long time, the aim of life for each person started by studies, learn something to do and find a job. But, nowadays, finding a job is not so easy anything. Unemployment is one of ach of the young people now, that's what we'll talk about in few lines.

Unemployment, what are the causes?

Is treated as unemployed, people who have skills, graduations and is searching job. Is unemployment totally depending on the candidate? Already, for a decade, the world statistics are increasing in favour of a high unemployment rate. Poor people are getting more and more poor and wealthy people are still getting rich. The main reason for this can be that most of rich people are self-employed.
We have many graduated people but there is no more job opportunities. This is one of unemployment causes. School form people to work for another, not for their own self. So after their graduations they try to find a job rather than use their skills to make a start-up. To add, we can also talk about the high rate of childbirth. It is a factor which lowers the economic situation of the country, the parents inevitably not having the means to take care of all these children. It is this which explains the grouping towards trades qualified as sub-trades and the saturation of these professional sectors. Competition reduces the income of small businesses and therefore the income of employees as a result. Unemployment doesn't only depend on candidates.

What can be the solutions to reduce unemployment?

The fight against unemployment is a fight dating for a while. To fight against this evil, it is first necessary to include in the educational program how to self-employed. Then, the administrative authorities competent in the matter should facilitate and encourage the installation of private companies in the various cities because they are the ones who hire enough employees. Large investors should choose to invest in areas where the need is in order to free up the big city a bit. Struggle against unemployment is everybody works so.

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