Parliamentary Associates is a partnership of academics and practitioners of issues relevant to the global parliamentary community. The Associates collectively provide consulting, training and analysis to members of national and local parliaments, civil society, the media and multilateral institutions in all sectors relevant to the parliamentary community including PFM, corporate management, parliamentary practice and procedure and social issues.  The goal of Parliamentary Associates is to share expert knowledge to promote good governance, budget oversight, poverty reduction, democracy and public participation in the policy process.



Who We Serve


Parliamentary Associates is designed to meet the needs of the Parliamentary community at large, including:


  • National and regional parliaments including parliamentarians and parliamentary staff

  • Civil Society Organizations

  • The Media

  • Multilateral Development Agencies



What We Do


  • Consulting (description of what that entails)

  • Analysis, Research and Advice

  • Training



Areas of Expertise


  • Anticorruption and oversight

  • Parliamentary Communications

  • Climate Change

  • Corporate Management of Parliament

  • Parliaments & Extractive Industries

  • Parliament & Conflict Countries

  • Parliament & Governance

  • Parliament & Small States

  • Parliamentary Committees

  • Parliamentary Ethics Regimes & Codes of Conduct

  • Parliamentary Oversight and the Budget

  • Parliamentary Research and IT

  • Public Financial Management

  • Representation and Constituent  Relations

  • Training for MPs

  • Training for Parliamentary Staff

  • International regional and cross border cooperation




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